Best Shots To Drink Straight

With its sweet, vanilla intensity, it’s a great entry tequila. All of a sudden, i felt bold.

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Best shots to drink straight. If sprite zero had a grown up spiked version, this would be it. Chasing the shot with a lick of smoked salt and a bite of fresh lemon only enhances the experience. The person to their left names a celebrity whose name begins with the letter of that celebrity's last name.

Essentially, if you love pizza, you will love this vodka. It’s sauza’s best kept secret. We asked a rum expert to share the 13 best sipping rums, including top shelf and affordable rums from the best brands.

Del maguey has a great variety to keep everyone. This is a great gateway bottle for straight rum novices. Santa teresa 1796 rum $44 this exceptional spirit is one of the only rums in the world made using the solera method, a blending technique.

The best vodka is, contrary to what many people think, very drinkable, and won't make you go blind or challenge strangers to fights. Mezcal has the smokiness of a scotch, sweetness of a tequila and notes of spice from a bourbon. Silver’s light vanilla and herbaceous notes are perfect for.

Sauza hacienda is a fantastic little drink. A few hours ago i was drinking some random shots of citron, hennesey, and whatever at my friend's house. That's if used in moderation of course.

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Wet your whistle and let’s find out the 7 best liquors and drinks to drink straight for a newbie. It’s fantastic in mixed drinks, and perfect to shoot. The color is golden, the consistency slightly syrupy.

Bottled straight from the copper pot still without dilution, this blanco has an alluring earthy, olivey quality. Becherovka is the best when it comes to bitter liquors from the czech republic. Purity vodka is my pick for a vodka to drink without a mixer.

The best spirit to drink straight has to be mezcal. The flavor is harsh, but ends up smooth, leaving drinkers with a christmasy aftertaste. It's easy to shoot, but sipping it works just as well.

Never, ever, ever, take a straight up shot of everclear. To mix it up, make a syrup with equal parts orange or lemon marmalade and water and use in place of triple sec or cointreau. Curt mast is the founder of jägermeister, the number 6 on our list of best liquors and drinks to drink straight for a newbie, which is formulated in wolfenbüttel, germany.

Pizza, for most people, is bae. All three of camarena’s expressions are smooth enough to be sippers. The first person names a celebrity (emma watson, for example).

The drink is made with vodka, rum, amaro and orgeat, and served in a mini waffle cone. Most people love sprite or sprite zero to begin with, which is why this vodka made the list of best tasting liquors. Looking for the smoothest rum to drink straight?

Drouin is her favorite brand at the moment, along with anything from groult. “matching a floral scotch to a rum. While straight vodka, tequila and whiskey are the common shot orders, there’s a wide range of spirits that can be taken as shots that won’t inspire any nauseating flashbacks.

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